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OA Toolkit for Agreements with Smaller Independent Publishers (hosted by OA2020 US Working Group and Community of Practice) - Speaker view
Alicia Wise
We'll have lots of time for questions and discussion - so please do post thoughts in the chat. Thank you!
Sara Rouhi
Invaluable resource - https://esac-initiative.org/about/transformative-agreements/agreement-registry/
Colleen Campbell
If your library has signed a transformative agreement with a publisher, we encourage you to enter the agreement in the Registry! https://esac-initiative.org/about/transformative-agreements/share/
Rong-Fang(Rongfang) Zhan
How can we know that our library has signed a transformative agreement with a publisher?
Curtis Brundy
Agreements will typically be made by the same folks in your library that negotiate your subscription agreements. So checking in with your collections/acquisitions folks might be a good place to start.
Rong-Fang(Rongfang) Zhan
Thank you very much.
Bernie Folan (OASPA)
It'd be good to hear about work you have done to ensure very small scholar-led and resource-light publishers are able to participate using the template and manage to share all of the information required. Ensuring that this initiative embraces them rather than creates a hoop to jump through.
Bernie Folan (OASPA)
We see with some small publishers that it's a challenge to partake in various initiatives that are seen as badges of quality publishing. Happy to help if any questions need asking.
Sara Rouhi
Really glad Celeste is flagging the “diversity” challenge/opportunity.
Sara Rouhi
A small publisher will struggle to build something unique for each library and vice versa… certainly been the PLOS experience.
Lorraine Estelle
You can download the example licence agreements and addendum from here: https://www.informationpower.co.uk/enabling-smaller-independent-publishers-oa-agreements/#2-principles-for-open-access-agreements-with-smaller-independent-publishers
Lorraine Estelle
This is the link to the tool kit https://www.alpsp.org/write/MediaUploads/OA%20Agreements/SPA_OPS_3.0_Data_Template___final.xlsx
Alicia Wise
Yes - will do and agreed!
Alicia Wise
We need a lovely infographic for the data template - this is a work in progress!
Alicia Wise
Please don't be shy! Either unmute and contribute, or post a comment here. :-)
Curtis Brundy
Yes, please unmute to ask a question or add your questions to the chat.
Rong-Fang(Rongfang) Zhan
Do the Open Access platform evaluate journals' impact factors in their field?
Kevin Hawkins (he/him)
For here at the University of North Texas, we have a list of publishers offering discounts to UNT-affiliated authors on this page: https://guides.library.unt.edu/open-access/publish (it's about 2/3 of the way down the page)
Rong-Fang(Rongfang) Zhan
Thanks Kevin
Marilyn Billings
Could Judy please post the link to the UF guide in chat? Thanks.
Curtis Brundy
Similar at Iowa State, we have a table that shows our agreements. Though we may need to revise this approach as we continue to add more OA agreements https://open.lib.iastate.edu/open-access/agreements
Bernie Folan (OASPA)
Thanks Celeste. I'm interested in whether any data required is problematic for very small publications. I'll contact you after.
Christine Turner
UMass Amherst Libraries list of open scholarship investments is here: https://guides.library.umass.edu/ScholarlyPublishing/FundingModels#s-lg-box-27462334
Émilie Lavallée-Funston
(comment only)CRKN was very excited to see this toolkit released! We've recently developed a publication data report because we received different data reports from publishers and wanted the data to be comparable across publishers (both to inform negotiations and to share back with members to support their decisions). We're now using the template as the starting point for our data requests!And we were delighted to see that ours largely aligns with the data template here; it will help support our requests to be in on the 'recommended reporting' ;) - we'll be reviewing side by side a bit more to see how ours could be enhanced, but thank you for the hard work!
Alicia Wise
Terrific stuff!
Colleen Campbell
The Max Planck Digital Library maintains a database of journal titles for which fees for open access publishing are covered centrally by our library: https://oapublishing.mpdl.mpg.de/journals/
Alicia Wise
Arielle Lomness
University of British Columbia maintains a public site as well: https://scholcomm.ubc.ca/open-access-publisher-discounts/ -- but this toolkit work is fantastic and i'll share it with colleagues as well! We also maintain an internal rubric for evaluating new agreements, and I know we could include more from this there as well
Judy Russell
UF Libguide: https://guides.uflib.ufl.edu/openaccess/ufinvests
Alicia Wise
Brilliant - thank you all for sharing your links!
Megan Hall
Thank you for the information about the journal comparison service. I'll be interested to see how "service" relates to "quality" of published material.
Sara Rouhi
Amen, Miguel!
Sara Rouhi (PLOS) srouhi@plos.org
Alicia is very good at “gentle and provocative” 👏🏽
Perry Collins
At UF, we have also developed a rubric to evaluate potential agreements and have found the toolkit will complement that by providing data that informs our more qualitative criteria.
Bernie Folan (OASPA)
This is a bit tangential, but relevant to libraries wishing to invest in small and /or APC-free journals. In an OA Switchboard webinar last week, Wendy Patterson of the Beilstein-Institut explained that libraries being able to see which journals their researchers are choosing to publish in (via the Switchboard) could become a valuable data source for librarians in choosing where to invest. Is there any scope for similar discovery with this initiative? Evidence based spending....
Sara Rouhi (PLOS) srouhi@plos.org
Also quite a few libs are issuing negotiation principles that are really helpful. MIT’s really helped PLOS in our negotiation: https://libraries.mit.edu/scholarly/publishing/framework/
Christine Turner
UMass Amherst has a Framework for Provider Agreements - https://www.library.umass.edu/about-the-libraries/framework-for-provider-agreements/ - and I’m happy to see the Toolkit has a similar list of principles.
Alicia Wise
Bernie - I think the Journal Comparison Service will be very complementary with the OA Switchboard. cOAlition S certainly aim to make it so!
Kaveh Bazargan
Yes, OA Switchboard important initiative…
Miguel Peralta
They are invaluable to us, these rubrics!!
Mick Gusinde-Duffy
Very interesting. Many thanks.
Vivian Berghahn
Thank you so much for all the work everyone put into the models and templates – as an independent publisher it’s really heartening to see this sort of collaboration coming together in such actionable ways for libraries and publishers alike – onwards and upwards!
Sara Rouhi (PLOS) srouhi@plos.org
Great session — thank you all who have worked on this!
Christine Turner
Thank you!!
Christopher Popovich
thank you one and all
Rong-Fang(Rongfang) Zhan
Thank you very much.